Copper and new materials industries released five-year plan

Date:2011年11月30日 16:50
Yesterday morning, the city's copper and new materials industry development planning by expert panel. According to the plan, and strive to 2015, industry sales of more than 700 billion yuan, industrial export exceeded 1.2 billion industry, the backbone of enterprise technology investment 15 billion yuan. Vice Mayor Meng Guofeng participate.

It is understood that, after several years of development, the city has formed a sea-light, Honglei, Maple Leaf, Powerlifting and large south-east, on the peak as the leading copper and plastic pipes and packaging materials, the three major industrial clusters.

City leaders pointed out that copper and new materials industries is the policy, highly time-sensitive industries, the city is the focus of industrial transformation and upgrading, the relevant enterprises and departments should seize opportunities, strengthen guidance, specific measures to further improve the "planning "content, according to the preparation required to effectively enhance the city's industrial development of new materials and copper levels and standards.


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