Part of the copper product export tax rebate was canceled

Date:2011年11月30日 16:49

Provinces, autonomous regions, municipalities, separately listed cities (bureaus), State Administration of Taxation, the Finance Bureau of Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps:
Approved by the State Council, since July 15, 2010 cancellation of the goods from the export tax rebate:
1. Some steel;
2. Part of the non-ferrous metal processing materials;
3. Silver;
4. Alcohol, corn starch;
5. Some pesticides, pharmaceuticals, chemical products;
6. Some plastic and products, rubber and products, glass and products.
Elimination of export tax rebate of specific trade names and product codes in the Annex.
Specific implementation time to "export goods declaration (export tax rebates)," Customs of the export date indicated.
Annex: list of goods to cancel the export tax rebate


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